Hollow fibers, ceramic membranes and other separation techniques can be replaced.


Harvest to High Concentration – replaces complex separators


Reusable Permeate – Cell free permeate


Gentle Product handling – No pump No shear


Eliminating Manual Work – Fully automated


Reduced Energy Consumption – up to 95% energy reduction

The Vibro technology is typically used within the following separation steps:

Harvest and Concentration of microalgae:

The Vibro technology makes it possible to achieve a high concentration of algae due to the open and clean design of the Free Flow plates. The technology is easy to access and can be used all the way from harvest of autotrophic algae with re-use of the water to high concentration.

Examples of achievements:

  • Nannochloropsis up to 190 g/l
  • Chlorella up to 290 g/l

Separation of algae debris and protein:

The Vibro technology makes it possible to do an efficient separation of algae debris (after lysis) and protein due to the ultralow and uniform TMP which makes actual microfiltration possible.

Concentration of protein:

The Vibro technology makes it possible to concentrate protein to very high concentrations due to the open and clean design of the Free Flow plates.

The Vibro technology creates the following benefits

Reduced product shear:

With the Vibro technology the cross flow pump is replaced by vibration – reducing product shear to a minimum

Reduced energy consumption:

With the Vibro technology it is possible to reduce the energy consumption by up to 95% since the cross flow pump is redundant

Actual continuous microfiltration:

With the Vibro technology it is possible to do actual MF due to the low and uniform TMP

High Concentration, Viscosity and Solid Loads:

Vibro technology is ideal for membrane filtration of highly concentrated media due to the Free Flow Plate module design with open free flow channels and no spacers.

Industrial Example:

The Vibro technology is in the following example applied for algae harvest and concentration.


Algae culture from a pond or a photo bioreactor is processed continuously or as batch with plug flow through a Vibro-I preconcentration system where up to 98 % of the water is removed as sterile permeate. Water can be returned directly to the pond or reactor – often with improved growth as nutrition’s are kept in the permeate.

In the shown example, the algae concentrate from the preconcentration system is further concentrated in two Vibro-I units operated with mix flow (read more about mix flow – gently mixing of the algae concentrate in the units).

The algae harvest is operated continuously, making it possible to operate the pond or reactor at the optimal exponential growth curve. The system continuously produces a highly concentrated product at 11 l/h from a feed stream of 6500l/h.

Value adding processing and Heterotrophic Algae processes

Further value adding processing, high-end fractionation of homogenized algae concentrate, buffer exchange, and Recovery of target molecules in permeate can be performed according to the application at hand. One of the relevant processes is described under Biotech.

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