Centrifuge Killer Competition

Continuous recovery/concentration with Vibro Membrane Filtration

Replace your disk stack / high speed centrifuge for free

Vibro Membrane Filtration (VMF) enables continuous concentration of media using membrane filtration, thus offering an alternative to conventional centrifugal separation systems, such as disk stack centrifuges and high speed centrifuges.

VMF is ideal for pharmaceutical proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), insulin, starter cultures and probiotic products, extracellular and intracellular enzymes

VMF enables up to 96% API yield

Centrifuge with graphics over

The prize

  • Vibro-I series setup: 4 x (2.5 – 20 m²) with a capacity of 100 – 1000 L/h
  • Qualification
  • Training and commissioning
  • 12 months support and service
  • Rules

  • Vibro-I separator must replace a centrifuge separator
  • Must be a in a pharma manufacturing facility
  • All entries must be European
  • Winner agrees to share data and be used as a reference
  • Deadline for participation is 30th of June 2024
  • Winner will be found by draw and will be contacted directly
  • Vibro-I 2.5 m²
    Vibro-I 5 m²
    Vibro-I 10 m²
    Vibro-I 20 m²

    Setup example

    In this setup of 4 Vibro-I 20 m², VMF is utilized for continuous concentration of 1000 L/h directly from harvest & preparation tank, separating solids/cells from API/protein.

    This setup is capable of reaching +96% yield, with a permeate processing time of ≈ 14 min.

    Vibro-I 20 serial diagram

    Enter competition

    Fill in your contact information to enter the competition of 4 x Vibro-I 2.5 m²m 5 m², 10 m² or 20 m²

    When filling in the data form, you accept receiving digital communications from SANI Membranes. In order to withdraw your acceptance or withdraw from the competition, please contact info@sanimembranes.com

    Deadline for participation is the 30th of June 2024