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The Vibro technology can replace most MF and UF ceramic and plate-and-frame cross flow system with an easy-to-service, low-cost systems. The Vibro technology makes it possible to work with very high viscosities in a simple and affordable solution with minimized energy consumption for pumping and thereby also minimized cooling requirements.

As the transmembrane pressure (TMP) is close to 100% uniform in the entire system, the separation cut-off is very sharp. Thus, a better fractionation of molecules is achieved. The Vibro technology can work with exceptionally low TMP (e.g. 0.10 bar), which enables true continuous microfiltration.


Low Energy Consumption – save of up to 95%


High Concentration, Viscosity and Solid Loads – replaces costly ceramic or P&F solutions


Gentle Product Handling – Minimal pump shear


Reduced CIP Time – Fully drainable membrane modules


Ideal Separation – better products, sharper cut-off

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The Vibro technology is typically used within the following separation steps:

Initial separation of cells/solids/large molecules from proteins/small molecules/water:

The Vibro technology makes it possible to run continuous microfiltration, making the solution ideal for separation of raw streams – achieving a high yield of better-quality products in both permeate and retentate.


  • The Vibro technology can handle high solid loads and high viscosities due to the open design of the Free Flow Plates
  • For fractionation of raw streams, the Vibro technology can achieve an extremely high recovery due to the ultralow TMP, which makes it possible to control the fouling layer and achieve high transmissions of target compounds

Concentration of protein:

The Vibro technology makes it possible to achieve a high concentration of protein due to the open and clean design of the Free Flow Plates.

The Vibro technology creates the following benefits

Reduced energy consumption:

With the Vibro technology it is possible to reduce the energy consumption by up to 95% since the cross flow pump is redundant.

Improved separation:

With the Vibro technology the separation is improved due to the uniform TMP, which ensures that the membranes molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) is uniform throughout the system – even for industrial plants.

Reduced product shear:

With the Vibro technology the cross flow pump is replaced by vibration which reduces product shear to a minimum.

Actual continuous microfiltration:

With the Vibro technology it is possible to do actual MF due to the low and uniform TMP

Industrial Example:

The Vibro technology is in the following example applied for a Greek Yoghurt process where the cultured skim milk is concentrated to Skyer / Greek Yoghurt.


The cultured milk is processed in a Vibro-I unit with 3 steps.  The first step is with plug flow and the second and third step is with mix flow (a very slow cross flow – mixing the retentate in the unit). The shown unit is for 1200 l/h skim milk with 450 l/h concentrate produced. The system footprint is 2 x 2 meter and the power consumption for pumps is less than 5 kW consequently minimal cooling is needed. The system is simple to use, easy to CIP and requires  minimum  control.

From lab scale to production, we serve you all the way


Process development with extremely low volumes.


Improved process development – transparent and scalable.


Membrane filtration with optimal process control.

Vibro-I Feed System

Feed system for Vibro-I

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