Introducing the Vibro-Lab280

Scale your separation processes from lab to pilot to industrial scale

Vibro-I with feed system

Vibro® Technology makes it possible to optimize several separation processes within the biotech and pharma industries. When using Vibro® Technology, centrifuges, depth filters, plate and frame systems and other separation technologies can be replaced, and higher yield and recovery rates can be achieved.

Lab35S setup

Vibro Membrane Filtration (VMF) enables next level of process intensification with results not possible with any other filtration technology (ATF/TFF). With the addition of the new, sterile Vibro S series, the benefits of VMF is now also supporting processes that require sterile filtration devices, such as perfusion/continuous processes, cell harvest, cell recovery, processing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), vaccine production or stem cells.

Vibro-Lab3500 setup

With the Vibro® Technology, you can combine bulk harvesting, thickening and dewatering into one single process – Replacing several processes, incl. flotation, gravity sedimentation, centrifuging, and more. The technology is ideal for handling the processes of separating algae debris and protein, as well as protein concentration

Vibro-I filtration unit

The Vibro® Technology is ideal for processing of dairy and liquid foods due to the open and clean design of the Free Flow Plate modules. Additionally, the technology is capable of reaching very concentrations, viscosities and solid loads.

Technology Explainer

Customer Testimonials


”The Vibro-I filter is a robust solution, simple to use with no technical issues and with good flux. Power consumption under all operations (microfiltration / ultrafiltration) are much lower than in any known filter technology.”

Science Manager


“The Vibro® technology minimizes cake formation in the filtration process, so we are able to get very large quantities through with a high quality. At the same time, there is extremely low energy consumption”

Nicolas O. Krogh, CEO


”We achieved nice results with this technology, even beyond our imagination”

Erika Bartolomei

Process Engineer, PhD