Unique process control for continuous microfiltration & ultrafiltration

From lab scale to production, we serve you all the way

Vibro-Lab35P setup

Process development with extremely low volumes

Vibro-LabEV setup

Fits 280cm2 modules and 2x 35cm2 modules


Improved process development – transparent and scalable

Vibro-I unit

Membrane filtration with optimal process control

Vibro-I Feed System with Vibro-I
Vibro-I Feed System

Easy to plug and play feed system for Vibro-I units

Customer quotes

“The Vibro® technology minimizes cake formation in the filtration process, so we are able to get very large quantities through with a high quality. At the same time, there is extremely low energy consumption”

“The efficiency and durability creates a great financial solution“

Nicolas O. Krogh, CEO at Mipsalus

”The Vibro-I filter is a robust solution, simple to use with no technical issues and with good flux. Power consumption under all operations (microfiltration/ultrafiltration) are much lower than in any known filter technology.”

Science Manager at Novozymes