Unique process control for continuous microfiltration & ultrafiltration

From lab scale to production, we serve you all the way

Vibro-Lab35P setup

Process development with extremely low volumes

Vibro-LabEV setup

Fits 280cm2 modules and 2x 35cm2 modules


Improved process development – transparent and scalable

Vibro-I unit

Membrane filtration with optimal process control

Vibro-I Feed System with Vibro-I
Vibro-I Feed System

Easy to plug and play feed system for Vibro-I units

Customer Testimonials


”The Vibro-I filter is a robust solution, simple to use with no technical issues and with good flux. Power consumption under all operations (microfiltration / ultrafiltration) are much lower than in any known filter technology.”

Science Manager


“The Vibro® technology minimizes cake formation in the filtration process, so we are able to get very large quantities through with a high quality. At the same time, there is extremely low energy consumption”

Nicolas O. Krogh, CEO


”We achieved nice results with this technology, even beyond our imagination”

Erika Bartolomei

Process Engineer, PhD