Sterile applications from lab to pilot scale


Process development and process intensification

The Vibro-Lab3500S is the ideal equipment for process development and process intensification in both lab and pilot scale. The transparent housing makes it possible to observe all membrane area during process or draining step.


Smallest device with Free Flow Plate technology

Ideal for scale-up or scale-down from Vibro-I devices


Simple setup and low energy consumption

No need for crossflow pump, cooling systems, compressed air or vacuum pump/compressor


  • Membrane area: 3500 cm²
  • Fitted with 0.2 µm membrane
  • Gamma irradiated

  • Drainable working volume: 600 mL
  • Ideal process volume: 2-100 liter
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Filtration equipment for perfusion

Monitor the filtration process and fouling

The Vibro-Lab3500S is the perfect benchtop filtration solution and ideal for process development and process intensification.

Thanks to the transparent housing, it is easy to visually inspect the membrane and adjust process parameters if fouling is forming.

From lab to pilot scale 

With a process volume spanning from 2 L to 100 L, Vibro-Lab3500S is the ideal device for scale-up and scale-down of continuous/perfusion and clarification processes, making it easy to bridge lab and pilot scale.

The simplicity also reduces the time-to-market and the development costs.

High productivity harvest

Vibro-Lab3500S offers superior transmission of target molecules, enabling running longer perfusions/cultures as membrane fouling starts later.

The Free Flow Plate Technology has the most spacing between membrane plates on the market for sterile continuous process applications, making it possible to run higher viscosities and cell densities than in any other available technology.

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