Lab35S module for sterile applications


Scalable continuous membrane filtration

The Vibro-Lab35S improves process development of continuous microfiltration/ultrafiltration since the system is scalable to large industrial units


Small feed volumes - High throughputs

The Vibro-Lab35S enables continuous filtration with as little as 50 mL feed in a completely drainable system


Process intensification

Reach higher cell densities and product concentrations. Intensify seed train


Less membrane fouling

VMF enables higher product recovery with minimal membrane fouling


  • Membrane area: 35 cm²
  • Fitted with 0.2 µm membrane
  • Autoclavable
  • Drainable working volume: 8 mL
  • Ideal process volume: 50 mL – 1 liter
  • Compatible with Vibro-Lab35P and Vibro-LabEV drives
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Vibro-Lab35P setup

Faster process development –

High throughput

The Vibro-Lab35S is the perfect benchtop filtration solution for process development. With a membrane area of only 35 cm² you can mimic a large scale continuous filtration unit, using as little as 50 mL media. At the same time, it allows you to screen and optimize process parameters.

Due to its small footprint, it can easily be connected to your high throughput platforms.

Intensify your process

With the Vibro-Lab35S, high cell density can be reached with significantly less membrane fouling, compared to other available filtration technologies.

It is an ideal module to mimic your continuous/perfusion or clarification processes and to intensify your seed train.

Due to its small working volume, it can also be used for developing/optimizing your cell bank process or for medium exchange in stem cells or cell therapy research.

Easy to setup – also in small labs

The Vibro-Lab35P is small, flexible and easy to set up. The complete system has a modest 20×20 cm footprint and setting it up only takes 5 minutes. The system fits in any lab and with small bioreactors above 50 mL.

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