SANI Membranes ensures high quality products and a short lead time through implementation of an efficient and robust supply chain strategy.

The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of global supply chains. To support the rapid development of our company, while maintaining our high quality and short lead times throughout our product portfolio, SANI Membranes has used the learnings from the pandemic to further elevate our supply chain strategy. Being focused on facilitating proactive measurements and building structural resilience, our supply chain strategy enables us to act quickly and efficiently in both unexpected and unstable circumstances.
Our strategy ensures that our quality and lead time is predictable even in unpredictable circumstances.

What is Supply Chain Resilience?

Supply chain resilience is a company’s capacity to withstand change in their network of suppliers. Like we saw with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine-Russia crisis and the 2021 blocking of the Suez Canal, supply chain obstructions can occur at all levels of the supply chain, from raw material to finished product to shipping. Especially the biopharmaceutical industry’s prioritization of increasing access to COVID-19 vaccines, has been felt by all industries and companies using membranes in their manufacturing and product development processes, as lead times of membranes drastically increased.
At SANI Membranes, our supply chain resilience enabled us to operate with very low lead times on membrane filtration solutions throughout the pandemic. We are immensely proud of this achievement and ensure our customers that we take all the necessary actions to sustain it, so that our customers can continue to benefit from it as SANI Membranes grows.

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