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SANI Membranes is the inventor of the innovative Free Flow Plate™ and the disruptive Vibro® technology. In combination, these two technologies enable new opportunities in applications such as biotech, pharma, alternative protein, algae, carbon nano materials, and numerous other industries that operate with processes involving filtration, separation, clarification, and concentration. Advantages include increased yield, improved transmission, reduced fouling and minimal energy consumption.

Our goal is to secure cleaner, more energy efficient, more effective and lower fouling filtration solutions for the future.

SANI Membranes A/S is a privately held Danish registered company. Our systems are sold from our head office in Denmark, through committed system builders, distributors and OEMs.

SANI Membranes A/S
Ryttermarken 8
DK3520 Farum
P.No: 1019275422
CVR No. DK35821015

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Introducing SANI Membranes

Your Trusted Partner for Filtration in Laboratories and Production

SANI Membranes has evolved from supplying the highly sanitary Free Flow Plate™ membrane filter elements to supplying complete filtration solutions, combining the Free Flow Plate™ Technology with our new and innovative Vibro® Technology.
By incorporating the Vibro® solution, you can succesfully minimize fouling on membranes and surpass the limitations of conventional tangential flow filtration. The vibrations generated by Vibro® Technology create turbulence on the membrane’s surface, eliminating the need for a crossflow pump. This means that the product does not layer up within the system, thus becoming considerably more efficient and sanitary than conventional filtration solutions.
Additionally, the combination of these cutting-edge technologies, enables user to recover a significantly higher proportion of their product, all while maintaining minimal energy consumption.

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”Novozymes is consciously working on reducing energy consumption in our production processes and we have short-term and small-scale tested SANI Membranes new elements in the enzyme manufacturing process. It was here possible to achieve very clear reduction in energy consumption compared to current membrane filtration process. We also see the opportunity for on longer-term using the new features of these elements in new processes within areas such as ultrafiltration”

Senior Manager R&D, Novozymes


“The Vibro technology minimizes cake formation in the filtration process, so we are able to get very large quantities through with a high quality. At the same time, there is extremely low energy consumption”

Nicolas O. Krogh, CEO


”The Vibro-I filter is a robust solution, simple to use with no technical issues and with good flux. Power consumption under all operations (MF/UF) are much lower than in any known filter technology.”

Science Manager


”We achieved nice results with this technology, even beyond our imagination”

Erika Bartolomei

Process Engineer, PhD

BOARD – SANI Membranes A/S

Niels Thestrup


senior partner,
Kønig Advokater

Henrik Hjelmsmark


Senior Executive in food & membrane technology industry

Martin Glensbjerg


COO, ChemoMetec

Core values



We strive to continuously improve quality and process together with our customers.


We continue to develop solutions and new technology that makes microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes simpler and easier to use for everyone.


Our Free Flow Plate™ technology and Vibro® technology reduces energy consumption by up to 90 % for our customers . We continuously seek to reduce energy consumption even further.

Our history

The SANI Membranes timeline

  • New, bigger HQ at Ryttermarken 8, 3520 Farum
  • Introduction of the Lab3500S and Lab35S cartridges for sterile applications
  • Team growth: New people in engineering, sales, production and administration
  • 2022
    • We launched the Vibro-Lab280
    • Team growth: New people in sales, marketing, production, engineering and administration
    • We launched additional sizes of Vibro-I
    • New HQ in Farum
    • We launched the Vibro-Lab35P
    • We launched the Vibro-Lab3500
    • New home page
    • Change in ownership and new capital induced
    • Sales team growth: Thomas Neil Skov, with many years of experience in pharma and biotech joins as Head of Sales – Global
    • Large number of units sold for export
    • Increasing activities in algae harvesting and concentration
    • Product management and Production development reinforced with Senior Mechanical engineer Peter Smith and sales team increased with Chemical Engineer Anders Bisgaard, both with many years of experience
    • Preferred supplier agreement in Algae Concentration with Liqoflux, an established Dutch algae systems provider
    • First GMP and FDA compliant Vibro-I’s sold
    • Production volume increased, a number of large systems supplied
    • Production team reinforced with John Sørensen
    • Growth of sales team: David Bøgh, Chemical Engineer with years of experience
    • Introduction of the Vibro® technology
    • Introduction of the Free Flow Plate™ technology
    • Customer pilot tests continued in aquaculture, industrial waste water, municipal waste water, biotech, dairy etc.
    • Vibro-LE won the FoodTech Award for best new product at FoodTech 2018, Herning, Denmark
    • The first full scale Vibro™-I plant was installed in Jutland
    • The first products were commercially released
    • 4 Fulltime employees and a number of consultants working with SANI Membranes technology
    • Customer pilot tests continued with Den Blå Planet, fish farming, industrial waste water and other applications
    • The first full scale plant was installed at a public pool in the Copenhagen area
    • The first full scale plant for protein harvesting and protein fractionation was installed in the Copenhagen area
    • Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation was bought out by Johs. Tandrup A/S who brings expertise in plastic production and assembly, as well as in marketing and management support
    • SANI Membranes moved to larger facilities in Allerød, Denmark
    • The production equipment was developed and set up
    • Customer pilot tests continued with Novozymes, Bagsværd Svømmehal and several other applications
    • The Proof of Concept of the Hollow Plate™ technology was finalized
    • Production equipment was conceptualized from prototypes
    • The first customer pilot tests were performed with Arla and Novozymes
    • The Hollow Plate™ technology was developed further
    • Seed funding raised from Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation A/S
    • The first lab scale tests were performed on prototypes
    • SANI Membranes Aps moved to larger facilities in Farum, Denmark
    • SANI Membranes ApS was founded by Henrik Hjelmsmark in Værløse, Denmark
    • The Proof of Concept of the Hollow Plate™ technology was initiated and the first prototypes developed

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    Embracing Sustainability

    We strongly adhere to the principle that the most sustainable solutions are those that deliver the most and the greatest benefits. By prioritizing sustainability, we strive to create innovative and eco-friendly solutions that combines sustainability and performance.



    Our Free Flow Plate™ modules are made of 100 % reusable PP.


    Lower energy consumption

    We have made significant progress in reducing the environmental footprint of filtration technology. The innovative Free Flow Plate™ technology and the disruptive Vibro® technology, where built-in vibration eliminates need for cross flow pumping, reduces energy consumption by up to 90 %. However, our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to further develop our solutions, aiming to achieve even greater reductions in energy consumption.

    Arla Foods Ingredients Group

    “We have in a small test used Sani Membranes new elements, and it seems possible to achieve significant reduction of energy consumption and perhaps even simultaneously achieving improved filtration process that could eventually lead to new products. Arla Foods Ingredients is continually developing new products and working on the reduction of environmental impacts, and we cooperate with industry to develop better, new products that support better use of our resources and production of new ingredients”

    Senior Food Scientist, Research and Development

    findsmileyReport from Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishing