News from SANI Membranes

August 2021:

New address with room to grow

We are pleased to announce that SANI Membranes is moving to our new HQ in Farum, north of Copenhagen. Our new facility allows SANI Membranes to continue the expansion as we move into a much larger production and office area.

Our new address is: Rugmarken 31, 3520 Farum.

The move will take place during August and is not expected to affect the lead time for any of our products.

We look forward to inviting you to our new HQ as soon as we are in place.

June 2021:

New product release – Vibro-Lab35P

The Vibro-Lab35P is a continuous membrane filtration unit with a membrane area of 35 cm2 and only 8 ml dead volume. The Vibro-Lab35P is based on the same technology as the other products in the Vibro family and therefore data results with the small unit can be used for scaling up to industrial size.

The Vibro-Lab35P can be used for both micro filtration and ultra filtration and it is the perfect lab development tool for filtration of small volumes.

Read more about the new Vibro-Lab35P unit here

May 2021:

New product release – Vibro-Lab3500

The Vibro-Lab3500 has been designed with a silent drive and an easy membrane replacement system. All other benefits from the previous Vibro-LE model remains and it is possible to upgrade Vibro-LE units to the new version. 

Read more about the new Vibro-Lab3500 here

April 2021:

Change in ownership

SANI Membranes ApS now has Martin Glensbjerg as co-owner of the company where he joins the Board. Martin Glensbjerg is one of the original founders of the successful company Chemometec A/S, a worldwide supplier of equipment for laboratories. SANI Membranes has developed a groundbreaking Membrane Filter Technology and products that fit for Laboratories and for industrial production for separation and concentration of media in Biotech, Pharma, Green Proteins and Liquid Foods.

We are proud and happy to have Martin on board, as Martin has extensive experience in building a similar company. At the same time, we have added capital that enables further expansion of the company, says Henrik Hjelmsmark, CEO of SANI Membranes.

I see great opportunities for SANI Membrane’s products to make a major difference in terms of faster product development and improved yield within e.g. biotechnology and for new pharmaceutical products based on cell technology. The laboratory filters enable scalable continuous filtration of very small media streams, and as SANI Membrane’s industrial filters are using up to 90% less energy than present solutions, it is obvious to get the technology into production in many of the largest companies in Denmark and globally, says Martin Glensbjerg.

SANI Membranes Membrane filters are based on the patented Vibro Technology that replaces energy-consuming pump solutions. The Vibro solution enables better filtration and is at the same time simple to use and service. The World Market for purification and separation is enormous and with an increasing focus on energy consumption, there is a need for new solutions, says Henrik Hjelmsmark, who looks forward to the collaboration.

September 2020:

New Vibro-I Flex Unit

SANI Membranes’ newly released Vibro-I Flex unit is designed for almost any MF & UF application for pilot trials and small scale production. The unit offers an improved MF since it is now possible not only to operate the unit in Mix flow but also in Batch mode which is especially useful in MF applications ensuring perfect continues microfiltration at extreme low transmembrane pressure (e.g. 0.05 bar).

September 2020:

Vibro-I in long term Side Stream MBR trial at Wastewater plant

Vibro-I proves to be robust by passing a long term trial in a harsh environment. The goal of the test was to show that the unit can replace a traditional submerged MBR in wastewater plants
The Vibro-I pilot unit has successfully been running 24/7 for nearly 3 months in a Side Stream MBR application at a wastewater treatment plant in Denmark without any failures. The Side Stream MBR function showed promissing result with exellent fluxes, very low energy consumption and long running time between CIP cycles.  

April 2020:

Vibrating Plate Heat Exchange Assembly and Device

Our Free Flow plate design can also be used in Forward Osmosis applications and is even Patented as a Heat Exchange device as both side of the membrane is fully flushable. When configured as a heat exchanger the membrane is obviously not permeable but can be very thin and thus have high temperature exchange efficiency.

To increase the efficiency when working as free flow plate heat exchanger the unit can be combined with the patented Vibro-Technology and in this way, the k-value – or efficiency of the heat exchanger will increase significantly, as strong turbulence is induced directly on the heat exchange surface through the vibro-function. As the vibro function only use energy on surface turbulence, the energy consumption is minimal so a very energy efficient Vibro heat exchanger can be produced – fully scalable to very large units, and with all parts in polymeric materials, whereby it is suitable for sanitary purposes and can be used with highly corrosive media.

April 2020:

8 Vibro-I units ready for Shipment 

SANI Membranes is readying 8 Vibro-I unit (120 m2) for shipment for a Biopharma customer.
We soon have Vibro-I units present on 3 continents.

March 2020:

Vibro-I passes long term trial

Vibro-I Membrane Filtration unit proves to be robust by passing a long term trial in harsh environment.
The Vibro-I pilot unit has successfully been running 24/7 for nearly 3 months at a wastewater treatment plant in Denmark without any failures.

SANI Membranes can also celebrate that one of first units we delivered 2½ years ago to a Danish biotech customer is still in operation and the membranes have yet to be replaced.

December 2019:

SANI Membranes recieved a lot of interest and attention at the recent AlgaEurope2019 in Paris.

SANI Membranes MF and UF solutions will be a major contribution in moving algae production from small scale to industrial scale farming as our Vibro™ Filtration solution is functioning extremely well in micro algae harvesting and in the algae product refining processes.

Download presentation (PDF)

December 2019:

SANI Membranes is exhibiting and presenting at AlgaEurope2019 in Paris.

We look forward to seeing you for a conversation about algae harvest, concentration and purification.

Henrik Hjelmsmark (CEO at SANI Membranes) is presenting at the conference at Wednesday 4/12 at 10:00. The title of the presentation is: Vibro™ MF and UF Filtration for Algae Harvest, Concentration and Refinery.

October 2019:

New MF and UF Pilot line from SANI Membranes

SANI Membranes have launched a line of flexible plug-and-play Vibro™-I membrane filtration pilots, delivered with virtually any commercially available organic MF or UF membrane. The membrane modules can be exchanged to another set of MF or UF modules in less than 15 minutes.

The application area is extremely broad covering virtually any known application within MF and UF filtration, e.g. UF concentration of viscous dairy at 4bar and MF clarification of fermented beverage at 0,1bar.

The Vibro™-I Pilot design is simple but extremely flexible and can be customized to your choice of functionalities, automation, instrumentation etc. The Pilots are all with intuitive and with easy-to-use controls, delivered from manual to fully automated, on a stainless-steel frame or as flexible elements on PP frames.

The Vibro™-I Pilots comes in a basic version and in a GMP, FDA and EC 1935/2004 compliant version for food, pharma etc.

A semi-automated 7,5m2 Vibro™-I Pilot with 35L PP CIP tank. The unit is FDA and EC 1935/2004 compliant.

An automated 7,5m2 Vibro™-I Pilot with a 50L stainless-steel CIP/feed tank, heat exchanger and automated concentration factor regulation on a stainless-steel frame. The Pilot is GMP, FDA and EC 1935/2004 compliant.

June 2019:

Skim Milk concentration test with a 7,5 m2 Vibro-I Pilot

120 L Skim Milk was concentrated to a permeate/retentate ratio of 4,62 in 2 hours at 2 bar with a 7,5m2 30kDa PES membrane Vibro-I Pilot.

The pressure loss in Vibro-I system was low – Low Energy Consumption

The system can be CIP cleaned and has no membrane spacers – Sanitary

The absence of a crossflow pump gave less pump shear – Better Product

Read the full story as a White Paper by clicking the download link below. 

Download: White Paper – Skim Milk – June 2019

March 2019:

First big Pharma – GMP order of Vibro™-I’s ready for shipment

November 2018:

Vibro-L wins the FoodTech Award

The Benchtop Membrane Filter Vibro-L from SANI Membranes won the prestigious FoodTech Award on the FoodTech 2018 exhibition as the most innovative and overall relevant new product for the food & beverage market.

The Vibro technology combined with the Free Flow Plates really moves the foundation of membrane filtration opening up for Blue Ocean opportunities in several application. SANI Membranes supply benchtop solutions as well as industrial Vibro-I units as smaller systems and larger systems through system builders.

Pressemeddelelse 10-10-2018

Vibro™-L er en unik benchtop filtreringsløsningen nomineret til FoodTech Award 2018

SANI Membranes har udviklet en sand trestjernet verdensnyhed i den disruptive og kompakte Vibro™-L til udvikling af MF og UF filtreringsprocesser.


Vibro™-L er en 0,35 m2 benchtop løsning til kontinuerlig mikro og ultrafiltrering i laboratoriet. Vibro™-L er et alternativ til alt fra engangsfiltre til sanitære cross flow anlæg og kan opereres med helt uniformt transmembrantryk. Hele membranarealet er som noget nyt synligt under filtreringen, hvilket giver et helt nyt indblik i både filtrerings- og vaskeprocesser.

Vibro™-L er med dens membranareal på 0,35 m2 en revolutionerende nyhed til udvikling af kontinuere mikro- og ultrafiltreringsprocesser på prøvestørrelser fra 1 liter og opad. Den udviklede proces kan direkte overføres til de industrielle Vibro™-I enheder til sanitær filtrering i ekstremt energieffektiv industriproduktion.

Vibro teknologien

Den patenterede Vibro™ teknologi skaber den nødvendige renholdende turbulens på overfladen af membranerne ved at vibrere membranelementet i forhold til mediet. Dette gør at Vibro™-L kan køre kontinuerlige filtreringer på medier hvor engangsfiltre og ’stirred cells’ hurtigt stoppes til.

Kontinuerlige filtreringer køres normalt i et cross flow system, hvor den nødvendige renholdende turbulens skabes af et hurtigt flow over membranoverfladen. Dette nødvendiggør en energi-krævende og hurtig recirkulering af mediet hvilket ofte skader produktet.

Vibro™ teknologien eliminerer behovet for en hurtig recirkulering, og muliggør dermed et enkelt design, hvor mediet koncentreres til den ønskede koncentration ved bare én passage af systemet, og uden at mediet ødelægges af en recirkulationspumpe. Både permeat og retentat er fuldt drænbare, så der er ingen produkttab selv ved mindre tests.


Vibro™-L anvender SANI Membranes nyudviklede Free Flow Plate™ membranelementer. Membranelementerne er udviklet med et sanitært fokus og er ekstremt energieffektive. Membranen svejses til overfladen af polymer Free Flow Plates, som derefter svejses sammen, og danner Free Flow Plate™ membranelementerne med alle deres funktionaliteter.

SANI Membranes har membranelementer til Vibro™-L med membraner med porestørrelser fra 5000 Dalton til 10 µm i forskellige materialer fra flere producenter af sanitære membraner. Membranelementerne kan nemt CIP rengøres i systemet og membranen kan genbruges igen og igen. Det er også nemt at skifte fra en membran til en anden, så Vibro™-L kan benyttes til flere forskellige filtreringsopgaver på samme arbejdsdag.

SANI Membranes på FoodTech 2018

Vibro™-L er nomineret til FoodTech Award 2018 som en trestjernet verdensnyhed og bliver under FoodTech 2018 demonstreret på stand M9674, hvor den også kan bestilles til en favorabel messepris. I øvrigt fremvises de industrielle Vibro™-I enheder til sanitær MF og UF filtrering.

September 2018:

Sani Membranes will exhibit at FoodTech 13 -15 November 2018 in Herning after the great succes at Labdays in Copenhagen and IFAT in Munich.

SANI Membranes will show the new 0,35 m2 benchtop Vibro™-L at a special indroduction offer and our Industrial Micro- and Ultrafiltration solutions at FoodTech 13 -15 November 2018 in Herning.

Please come by our booth (M9674) to see our Vibro™-L in action and our new disruptive MF and UF solutions for all applications.

July 2018:

SANI Membranes performed a large pilot test with a 15 m2Vibro™ and a 15 m2 cross flow unit in dairy applications

SANI Membranes performed a comparative pilot test of a 15 m2 Vibro and a 15 m2 cross flow unit at a large Scandinavian dairy.

Different dairy applications were tested and the outcome showed good results, both for the Vibro™ and the cross flow unit.

Please contact us for more information.

May 2018:

SANI Membranes are introducing the Vibro™ technology

Vibro™ is a disruptive new continuous MF and UF filtration system that eliminates the need for a fast cross flow pump.

Vibro™ is the perfect filtration solution for process development and industrial filtration applications where low energy consumption, high flux, sanitary function, low capital investment and gentle filtration are key words. Vibro™ systems deliver low fouling continues filtration where the filter is kept clean by vibration shear.

Vibro™ comes in a benchtop version with 0,35 m2 membrane area and an industrial version with up to 60 m2 membrane per unit.

Please see the technology, download and product sections for more information.

August 2017:

1st Full Scale Plant for protein harvesting and protein fractionation under construction

After several successful pilot trials with pharma customers the first full scale commercial plant dedicated to protein harvesting and protein fractionation is under construction. The 20 m2 plant operates at a very high sanitary level and is 100% drainable of both permeate and retentate compartments. The Hollow Plate™ design gives you a uniform TMP (sharper cut-off), more valuables (drained retentate and permeate volume) and less cleaning downtime than other membrane element designs.

Please contact us for more information on pharma applications

August 2017:

1st Full Scale SANI Membranes Plant up and running

In June 2017 SANI Membranes first full scale plant was put into operation. The plant is installed at the Gladsaxe Gymnasium swimming pool and consists of 2 microfiltration loops and 1 ultrafiltration loop with a total of 180m2 membrane. The plant can be remote controlled but normally it runs 100% automated 24/7 including low intensity night programs, cleaning cycles, retentate dumps etc.

Link to Dansk Svømmebadsteknisk Forenings newsletter (in Danish)

Please contact us for more information on swimming pool filtration

August 2017:

SANI Membranes Participated in the Membrane Technology Forum 2017

Founder and CEO Henrik Hjelmsmark participated in Membrane Technology Forum 2017 in Minneapolis, Mn, US. Henrik gave the talk ‘New Flatsheet Hollow Plate Filter Element’ presenting the Hollow Plate™ technology to the 300+ participants, primarily from the dairy business.

April 2017:


SANI Membranes will have the first larger installation up and running in May 2017.

A 180m2 Hollow Plate™ plant for swimming pool filtration is installed in the Copenhagen area.

The plant is in 3 loops of 60 m2, build up by HP1 modules, and the design allows  for various membranes to be used.

A smaller pilot have been running successfully since May 2016, and this larger installation will replace an old sand filter unit in a public pool.