Process development with extremely low volumes


Scalable continuous membrane filtration

The Vibro-Lab35P improves process development of continuous microfiltration and ultrafiltration due to the system being directly scalable with large industrial units.


Small feed volumes

The Vibro-Lab35P allows you to do continuous filtration with down to very small feed volumes as the retentate dead volume is only 8 mL.


Easy to understand

The Vibro-Lab35P reduces the complexity of membrane filtration due to the patented Vibro® technology and the Free Flow plates.


  • Membrane area: 35 cm2
  • For microfiltration & ultrafiltration
  • Drainable working volume: 8 mL
  • Ideal process volume: 50 mL – 1 liter
  • Replaceable membrane modules with a wide option of membranes

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Vibro-Lab35P setup

Faster process Development

The Vibro-Lab35P is the perfect benchtop filtration solution for process development. With a membrane area of only 35 cm² you can mimic a large scale continuous filtration unit, using as little as 50 mL media. At the same time, it allows you to optimize separation parameters and screen membranes easily due to the easy membrane replacement system.

Simple to use

Compared to standard continuous filtration systems, it does not require a specialist to operate the Vibro-Lab35P. The patented Vibro® technology replaces cross flow pumping and controls. You can operate the entire process with only a feed pump (e.g. SANI Membranes peristaltic pump) and a retentate valve.

Easy to setup – also in small labs

The Vibro-Lab35P is small, flexible and easy to set up. The complete system has a modest 20×20 cm footprint and setting it up only takes 5 minutes. The system fits in any lab.


Peristaltic pump

Feed pump

The SANI Membranes peristaltic pump is ideal together with the Vibro-Lab35P as feed pump. The peristaltic pump delivers 0-3000 mL/h.

Lab35 module

Lab35P Cartridge

The Lab35P cartridges are available in a wide range of membrane materials with pore sizes between 1 kDa and 1.2 µm.

Air pressure unit

Air handling unit

The Vibro-Lab35P system is powered by pressurized air (6 bar) and is delivered with an air conditioning system which lubricates the air and regulates the pressure. Furthermore, the Air handling unit reduces noise and cleans the exhaust air.

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Accessories kit

This accessory package includes all items for running the Vibro-Lab35P

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