Membrane filtration with unique advantages and opportunities

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Vibro Filtration is a unique membrane filtration technology for continuous microfiltration and ultrafiltration
When using Vibro filtration, you get an easy-to-use technology that fits membranes of all pore sizes and is easy to setup and use

SANI Membranes is the inventor of the Vibro® Technology. A unique membrane filtration technology used for microfiltration and ultrafiltration in numerous diverse applications.
The technology is characterized by its unique advantages that include the ability to achieve higher yields and reach concentrations than with conventional technologies. Additionally, Vibro® Filtration facilitates easier process development, due to the technology being directly scalable, meaning that you are ensured that the results you achieve in the laboratory will be the same as the ones you achieve in a full scale production.



Biotechnology samples


Pharmaceuticals inspection

Dairy & Liquid Food

dairy products

Improving membrane filtration

SANI Membranes is Danish cleantech company, and the inventor of the innovative Free Flow Plate™ Technology and the disruptive Vibro™ Filtration.

Higher Yield

Vibro Filtration ensures a continuous high transmission of molecules, leading to a yield increase of up to 25%, compared to conventional technologies

Sharper Separation

Vibro™ Filtration has no pressure loss, as there is no cross flow pump. This means that you have a uniform TMP and a uniform cutoff over the entire membrane surface, ultimately giving you a sharper cutoff and a sharper separation.

Better Recovery

The Free Flow Plate™ modules are fully drainable of both permeate and retentate. This means that up to 100% of your product can be recovered.

Higher Viscosities and
Solid Load Concentrations

The design of the Free Flow Plate™ modules with open free flow channels and no spacers, enables filtration of much higher viscosities and solid load concentrations.

Gentler Product Handling

Elimination of the cross flow pump means Vibro™ Technology handles media very gently, making it possible to retain soft cells without inflicting any cell damage.


With Vibro™ technology, fouling starts later on flat surfaces and is easier to remove when formed. This means CIP time is reduced and less chemicals are needed for cleaning.


35 cm² membrane surface area

Process development with extremely low volumes


Scalable continuous membrane filtration

The Vibro-Lab35P improves process development of continuous microfiltration/ultrafiltration since the system is scalable to large industrial units.


Small feed volumes

The Vibro-Lab35P allows you to do continuous filtration with down to 50 mL feed as the retentate dead volume is only 8 mL.


Easy to understand

The Vibro-Lab35P reduces the complexity of membrane filtration due to the patented Vibro® technology and the Free Flow plates.


Can be equipped with 1 or 2 cartridges of 280 cm² membrane surface area

Superior flexibility and ideal for small bioreactors and laboratories


Superior recovery

With Vibro® Technology, you can recover up to 100% of API due to the fully drainable membrane modules.


Faster process development

The Vibro-Lab280 is the ideal solution for benchtop filtration and process development. The unit fits 1 or 2 cartridges, giving you a large span in working volume to work with.


Easy setup

The reduced complexity with Vibro® filtration makes it simple to setup and connect as the crossflow pump is redundant and cooling not needed./p>


3500 cm² membrane surface area

Improved process development – transparent and scalable


Easy to understand and use

The Vibro-Lab3500 reduces the complexity of membrane filtration due to the patented Vibro® Technology and Free Flow Plates.


Improved process development

The Vibro-Lab3500 is the ideal equipment for process development and membrane screening. The see-through housing makes it possible to observe all membrane area during process and cleaning.


Easy setup

The reduced complexity with Vibro® Filtration makes it simple to setup and connect as the crossflow pump is redundant and cooling not needed.


2.5 m², 10 m², 20 m², 40 m² or 80 m² membrane surface area

Industrial membrane filtration with optimal process control


Optimal separation with extremely low pressure

The Vibro® Technology makes it possible to run the separation with 100% uniform and extremely low TMP. Thus, improving separation and making actual microfiltration possible.


Perfect for food and pharmaceutical production

All engineering solutions are sanitary and all parts in media contact are in FDA / EC 1935/2004 compliant materials.


Energy consumption reduced by up to 95 %

The Vibro® Technology makes the crossflow pump redundant and as a result, the energy requirements for pumping and cooling are reduced.

Vibro-I Feed System

Feed system for Pilots and small scale
Vibro-I systems


Easy to use – Plug and play feed system

The Vibro-I Feed System with intuitive controls and datalogging is delivered on a frame and can easily be connected to a Vibro-I.


Suitable for food and pharma production

All engineering solutions are sanitary and all parts in media contact are in FDA / EC 1935/2004 compliant materials.


Small footprint and movable

The Vibro-I Feed System can be used in any lab due to the small footprint. Furthermore, the system is on wheels.



“The Vibro technology minimizes cake formation in the filtration process, so we are able to get very large quantities through with a high quality. At the same time, there is extremely low energy consumption”

Nicolas O. Krogh, CEO


”The Vibro-I filter is a robust solution, simple to use with no technical issues and with good flux. Power consumption under all operations (MF/UF) are much lower than in any known filter technology.”

Science Manager


”We achieved nice results with this technology, even beyond our imagination”

Erika Bartolomei

Process Engineer, PhD